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He got a pompous pipe smoking
In his pie hole and no clue
He thinks every girl that he's groping
Really wants to be rudely used
Whoa whoa whoa, my fellow Americans
What did we let grow?

No brand like McDonald’s
Those golden arches never see the sun slip down
So much fat sputtering from the grills my god
This poor world may drown
The boy scouts are out marching
So it's got to be the 4th of July
Two world wars behind us
So there's the Holocaust to deny
Whoa whoa whoa, my fellow Americans
Can we pretend not to know?

Georgie axed that cherry
Then he lied
Laid the first scam upon us
But, we know the tears his daddy cried
Cactus flower in the desert
It’s all stony and dry otherwise

Girl scouts out in force selling
Their sweet cookies door to door
Must they smile and wheedle so
Before we buy a box maybe more?
Whoa whoa whoa, my fellow Americans
Why did we let it grow?

Miss America parades our young beauties
And the winner is sure to cry
She knows every mule kicking in a box stall
Wants her to ride
O let's go off camping and have some fun
Forget the rich getting desperate
And buying up all the really big guns
Whoa whoa whoa, my fellow Americans
Are we reaping what we’ve sown?
Use the landline to call me
If you think you know
Whoa whoa whoa, no denying how the ugliness has grown
Ain’t no satisfaction in saying I told you so

Not when corporations are people
And reason is just a slave being bought and sold
Whoa whoa whoa, there's not much time you know
My fellow Americans
Now that corporations are people
And reason is just another slave being bought and sold
Whoa whoa whoa, and reason is just a slave
Some corporation has bought or sold


released July 17, 2020
music: Lloyd Brodnax King
lyrics: John Gray

guitar, synths & percussion: Johnse Holt
drum program, bass & vocals: Lloyd Brodnax King
banjo: Michael J. Miles
lap steel: Ray Ramirez
dholki: Ajay Randawa

production: Johnse Holt & Lloyd Brodnax King
cover art: Lloyd Brodnax King


all rights reserved



Lloyd Brodnax King Chicago, Illinois

Studied flute with Marcel Moyse and James Moody. Recorded Lloyd Brodnax King Trio live at DePaul with Fareed Haque and Larry Gray. Won an NEA fellowship in composition. Won a Jeff. Recorded with Poi Dog Pondering. Created The Obscure News podcast and the Dishwater Gray Playlist. Currently a prof at Lake Forest College and performing with Funkadesi, Sun Ensemble, and Michael J. Miles. ... more

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