by Lloyd Brodnax King

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A collaboration between a former student, John Willhoite, and myself. When John was studying at the ACM Chicago Arts program, he came to me with a groove track he constructed and said it needed a rap. I interviewed John about times he had to "scamper," edited the track a bit, and then wrote and recorded the hook and the rap. Enjoy!


It all began when I took the field lookin for trouble
I’d find the biggest son-of-a-bitch and then I’d bust his bubble
I had an elbo that could give a kid a head fulla stitches
My mouth was faster than a couple of inner city bitches
My friends would take a soccer ball and kick it all over the place
And I would kick a soccer ball right in my buddy’s face
And later on we would have a laugh about what I did
‘Cause you can get away with that kinda shit when you’re just a kid

Fight you for that ball
And scamper from the animals
Scramble for that ball

Fight you for that ball
And scamper from reality
Scramble for that ball

I wanna tell you how it all began
My older brother used to be the man
Everybody knew that he was cool
I was happy just to be his fool
‘Til the twisted day that he came home
With his hair in his eyes
His skater friends, his vans, his underpants
They tried to kick him off the soccer team
Mom said he lost his self-esteem
My brother was always where it was at
I was shocked to see him broken like that
Hunched down, Displaced
With jocks all up in his face
I tell you the kid was a disgrace

Then my brother started bringing CDs home that blew my mind
He traded in his Snoop Dogg disc for Nevermind
He stopped smokin cigarettes and started tokin on the da kine
And I just had to tag along ‘cause what’s his is mine
The counter cultural sign, the alternative line
The escape from the grind, to see what we could find
It all kinda made sense, given enough time
Who cares if he had to dodge and lie
And scamper from the judgemental eye

And when my brother took the soccer field
He still could kick some ass and that’s for real
Eat a goalie like it’s Malt-o-Meal
Check a kid for showin too much zeal
When the game would end he’d run home
Followed by a pack of kids chuckin stones
No one’s crueler than a twelve-year old
Middle school is just too damn cold

Fight you for that ball
And scamper from the animals
Scramble for that ball

Fight you for that ball
And scamper from reality
Scramble for that ball

Let me tell you how it all began
Highschool was the tits and I was the man
When I took the field I had a pack of fans
Everything was going just like I planned
‘Til I took myself a hippie girlfriend
I stole her form the coolest kid and then
When we took our weekly camping trip
The coolest kid decided to let his plan rip
He told a couple of fifth-year thugs
To piss on my tent and fuck me up
A big mutha-fucka grabbed me by the hair
And tossed me through the woods like he didn’t care
I pulled away and heard his fist strike air
You shoulda seen me scamper outta there

I take the soccer field; I’m a tough guy
I mess up your whole game and that’s no lie
But when the game is over and you wanna fight
That’s about the time I scamper outta sight
If life was just a game and I was in the hood
I’d be a mutha-fuckin Clint Eastwood
And if my hippie girl saved my ass
We coulda had a thing that would last
Girls who wanna be hip let their loyalties slip
If you wanna be with me you gotta to learn how to flee

Fight you for that ball
And scamper from the animals
Scramble for that ball


released April 1, 2007
John Willhoite and Lloyd Brodnax King


all rights reserved



Lloyd Brodnax King Chicago, Illinois

Studied flute with Marcel Moyse and James Moody. Recorded Lloyd Brodnax King Trio live at DePaul with Fareed Haque and Larry Gray. Won an NEA fellowship in composition. Won a Jeff. Recorded with Poi Dog Pondering. Created The Obscure News podcast and the Dishwater Gray Playlist. Currently a prof at Lake Forest College and performing with Funkadesi, Sun Ensemble, and Michael J. Miles. ... more

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